It's time to bring your business to an interactive environment! You can reduce your sales costs while increasing the company's profitability by selling your products on the internet. Take the job opportunities with e- Commerce infrastructure  without wasting time and money. Increase your sales and ease your operational burdens. Don't be late to create your store, which is open 24/7 on the internet.

If you want to create a strong e-commerce infrastructure and keep up with the developments in the industry easily, we have e-commerce solutions that are special for you. There are many features on e-commerce sites that we will create for you. You can easily sell online to many countries in many languages.


Main Features Services for You in Sinba's E-Commerce Sites:


 One-off payment (lifetime e-commerce site)

 To move to different servers or hosts (free hosting)

 To be able to make changes and develop without being dependent on our company.

 To add products, categories and info pages (unlimited)

Automatic product uploading from your web site to marketplaces (xml integration))

 To integrate accounting software

•  To integrate E-invoice systems

To define choice and option for products (unlimited)

To define administrator and authority for Site management.

To classify, group and price to the customers separately.

To start  discount campaigns based on product, category or piece.

 Multicurrency and language support

 C2C Marketplace Support

 B2B Marketplace Support

 Multilingual poster, banner and slider management

 Search Engine Optimization Management (SEO)

To add new features in modular system

 Theme change option

Basic language structure editor.

 Marketing (e-newsletter, bulk sms and mail) features.

 Post-shopping strategies (scoring, commenting)

 Sale of downloadable items such as pictures, music, graphics, pdf etc.

 Advanced reporting and filtering system

 Sell option as a member or without being a member.


In short, a powerful e-commerce infrastructure that is compatible with every option you need.

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